Land and New Home

Land and New Home

Why should you choose Provident Housing and Mold Construction?

Provident Housing has an agreement with Mold architecture and construction

company. Provident Housing further invested in the company. We provide

investors with a totally professional service regardless of the size of the project.

As your appointed agent, we will work with you, on every stage of development.

We will provide relevant input and practical advice based on our experience.

We can offer attractive marketing packages, including Local, National and

International Investors.

We are based at 4M Business Centre branches staffed by dedicated and skilled

professionals, we will ensure your properties are put in front of potential buyers

and investors quickly and effectively.

Your properties will also be made available to potential buyers through some of

the property websites as well as through our links with investors at national and

international level.

To find out more about how we can help and make a real difference to your next

development or investment, then please contact 0121 333 4 999

Or send email to: [email protected]