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Tenant application

If you are ready to rent, please download our application form, fill it in and then

either send it back to us by email or bring to your local branch together with your


The Holding Deposit

A holding deposit is payable upon signing this application and is required before

your offer can be presented to the landlord.

Following the landlordʼs acceptance of your offer the property will be withdrawn

from the market and we will proceed to take up formal references.

Once your offer has been accepted by the landlord the holding deposit will

not be refunded if you withdraw for any reason.

If the independent referencing agency deems your references to be

unsatisfactory, your holding deposit will not be returned and you may not be

offered a tenancy by the landlord. The only exception will be where references

have been deemed unsatisfactory based on information declared on this tenancy


If the landlord rejects your offer, or in the event that the Landlord withdraws from

the letting, the holding deposit will be returned by direct bank transfer within 5

working days.


An independent referencing company will request references from your employer

and landlord, and conduct a credit search.

Each tenant (and guarantor if applicable) must submit the referencing forms

online within 48 hours of your offer being accepted. Failure to submit these forms

within 48 hours will mean the property will be placed back on the market and your

holding deposit will not be returned.

Prior to the commencement of your tenancy, each tenant (and guarantor if

applicable) must supply documentation showing proof of identity (passport or

photo driving license) and proof of address (bank statement or utility bill). You

may also be required to supply up to six monthʼs worth of bank statements.

Conditions of Offer

Any requests relating to furniture, fixtures, fittings, cleaning or general

maintenance must be detailed on page one of this application. Additional

requests at a later date will not be provided for.

All transactions are subject to contract and an offer of tenancy will not be made

until satisfactory references have been received and approved.

The minimum term of tenancy is 6 months & notice may not be given during the

fixed term unless a break-clause is offered by the landlord. If you wish to bring the

tenancy to an end sooner than expiry of the fixed term. Then agreement must be

sought from the Landlord & you may have to cover the cost of re-letting the

property and for any loss of rent.

Additional Fees

Should you require any additional tenants or guarantors to be added to the

application there will be an additional charge of £100 per tenant or £50 per

guarantor. This is to be added to the final balance due before the tenancy


At the end of the tenancyʼs fixed term you may be offered an extension. Should

you decide to stay on for a further term an administration fee of £100 is payable

by the tenants. A check-out fee is payable by the tenant at the end of the